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Discover the ease of making a significant impact in your market with our carefully curated Starter Packages. Designed for efficiency and effectiveness, these packages are your first step towards big results with minimal effort.


Filmology is more than just a video production company; it's a digital storytelling pioneer that believes in the interconnectedness of SEO, web presence, and video messaging. We understand that creating compelling videos is not an isolated task — it requires a deep integration with SEO principles. 


To us, SEO is the voice and language that guides a video, shaping its ability to reach and engage the right audience. Similarly, a website's design and functionality represent the appearance of the speaker, setting the stage for the message. At the heart of our approach is the video content, which is the core message delivered to the audience. 


This holistic view ensures that our videos are not only visually striking but also strategically aligned with our clients' overall digital marketing goals, ensuring maximum impact and effectiveness in a crowded digital landscape.


Presented below are our streamlined packages, designed as the essential starting point for enhancing your online visibility. Tailored to align with your strategy, they offer exactly what you need - no more, no less - to begin your journey towards a stronger digital presence.





Monthly Price

Local Listing Launchpad

Listing Management


Get your business listed and accurately managed across over 70 directories including Google My Business, Waze, Apple, and more. Essential for local SEO and ensuring your customers find you wherever they search.



SEO Health Check

Monthly Site Audit with Reports


Receive detailed monthly reports from site audits, identifying issues and providing actionable insights to improve site health and SEO performance. 



Organic Keyword Insights

Organic Keyword Analysis with Reports


Gain valuable insights into how your business is performing organically with a detailed analysis of the keywords your domain is ranking for. Discover what's working, identify areas for improvement, and strategize content development to boost your organic reach.



Monthly Competitor Insight

Monthly Competitor Domain Analysis Report


Stay ahead of the game with a comprehensive monthly analysis of your main competitor. Understand their strategies, identify their top-performing keywords, and leverage this intelligence to refine your own SEO and content strategy.



Backlink Booster

Monthly Backlink Analysis and Comparison Report


Analyze the strength of your backlink profile, see how it stacks up against your main competitor, and uncover new link-building opportunities.



Social Media Power Poster

Social Media Posting with SEO-Optimized Post Text Creation


Upload your content to a shared drive, and we’ll schedule it, create SEO-optimized post texts for up to 5 accounts and 5 posts per week, and handle the posting for you. Great for businesses wanting to maintain an active, SEO-conscious social media presence without the hassle.



Video Editing Pro

Video Production & Editing


Send us your raw video content, and we'll edit 2 videos per month, enhancing them with SEO-optimized titles/descriptions and augmenting with stock footage if needed. Runtime limit per video: 30-Seconds




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