Top 7 Differences Of Video Production vs. Videography & Why It Matters for Your Product Video

Top 7 Differences Of Video Production vs. Videography & Why It Matters for Your Product Video

Introduction: Leveraging Video Production for E-commerce Success

So, you have a new product and need to showcase it on Amazon or other e-commerce platforms? Creating a compelling product video is a pivotal step in this journey. But, it's essential to navigate the decision between hiring a solo videographer and engaging a full-scale video production company. This choice can profoundly influence the effectiveness, appeal, and reach of your video content, particularly in the vibrant and competitive realm of e-commerce.

When you decide to hire a video production team, you're not just choosing someone to film your product; you're tapping into comprehensive video production capabilities. Such a team brings to the table a wide array of skills and roles in the production process, from pre-production planning to post-production editing. Their expertise goes beyond simple filming; they understand the nuances of creating video content that aligns with your marketing goals and resonates with your target audience.

A video production company can transform your product's features into an engaging narrative. They have the tools and talent to showcase what your product offers in a way that captures the imagination of potential buyers. Their role in the production process is integral, offering creative insights and technical proficiency that elevate your product's portrayal from mundane to mesmerizing.

In the initial stages, or pre-production, they work closely with you to understand your product, audience, and market trends. This phase is crucial as it lays the foundation for crafting a video that not only highlights your product's benefits but also tells a story that connects with your customers.

As you embark on this critical venture, understanding the strategic importance of choosing the right video production partner is key. It's about creating a piece of video content that does more than just show your product – it's about making it shine in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

 1. Scope of Work: Individual Expertise vs. Team Effort

A videographer is typically an individual who specializes in camera operation and capturing footage. They are the go-to person for filming events, small-scale projects, or personal endeavors. On the other hand, video production encompasses a broader scope. It involves a video production team, which includes not just the videographer, but also specialists in various roles such as directing, sound engineering, editing, and motion graphics. This team works collaboratively through the entire production process.

 2. Equipment and Quality: Basics vs. High-Quality Arsenal

Videographers often operate with essential equipment like a camera, basic lighting, and perhaps a microphone. Their gear is perfect for straightforward, on-the-go shooting. In contrast, a video production company brings a more extensive array of high-quality equipment. This includes advanced cameras, lighting rigs, sound equipment, and specialized tools like cranes or Steadicams, which are pivotal for a high-quality video project.

 3. Production Scale: Simple Shoots vs. Elaborate Projects

Hiring a videographer is usually suitable for smaller, simpler shoots. They excel in capturing moments without requiring extensive setup or a crew. Video production, however, is ideal for larger projects that need detailed planning, various shooting locations, and complex setups. The production company manages the entire production process, from pre-production planning to post-production editing.

 4. Creative Input: Focused Skill vs. Comprehensive Vision

A videographer's role in the production is often limited to the camera operation and capturing what's in front of the lens. Their creative input, while valuable, is typically confined to the type of video they are shooting. In contrast, a video production team offers comprehensive creative services – brainstorming concepts, scriptwriting, designing motion graphics, and developing a creative vision that aligns with your brand's message.

 5. Editing and Post-Production: Basic vs. Advanced

Post-production is where the major differences become apparent. A videographer might offer basic editing skills, sufficient for straightforward projects. However, a video production company provides advanced post-production services. This includes sophisticated editing, color grading, special effects, and integrating motion graphics, ensuring that the final product is polished and professional.

 6. Budget and Investment: Cost-Effective vs. Value-Driven

Budget considerations are crucial when choosing between a videographer and a video production company. Hiring a videographer is generally more cost-effective for projects with limited scopes. However, investing in a video production company, though potentially higher in cost, brings value to more significant, complex projects. The investment aligns with the expertise, equipment, and production quality they offer.

 7. End-Product and Impact: Basic Coverage vs. Strategic Content

The end product of a videographer is typically straightforward coverage of an event or a simple product video. However, a video production company creates strategic video content that is tailored to your marketing goals, especially for social media and digital platforms. They ensure that the video offers not just visuals, but a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience.


Understanding the differences between a videographer and a video production company is crucial when you’re looking to create a product video, especially for e-commerce platforms. The right choice can significantly influence the impact and success of your video in capturing audience attention and conveying your brand story.

Whether you choose a videographer for smaller projects or a video production company for more comprehensive needs, make sure your decision aligns with your business objectives and budget. Remember, in the world of video marketing, quality and strategy are key to making your product stand out and resonate with your target audience.



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